Tilly Vanilla   

Next to be released: The accountants 2 - The Sauna - Work in progress, but almost there!

Your time is valuable: Thank you for spending a few hours reading the erotic fantasies that swirl around in my mind and eventually crystalise onto (e)paper.

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My passion: Analysing the interplay between couples and, of course, their extended relationships. These stories are a mixture of personal experiences and a passionate imagination.

I adore:  Developing and easing these characters through a series of naughty adventures.

My desire: To arouse and inspire couples to plan adventures for each other.

I am married and spend most of my writing hours on the east coast of England.


Tilly Vanilla


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A collection of erotic stories that introduce us to the Spa

The accountants - Introduces us to David and Elaine and follows their journey towards a less vanailla sex life.

The accountants 2 - The Sauna - More adventures for David and Elaine as they venture on holiday for a well earned break. - Due for release shortly!

In The students  - We are introduced to Milly &  Pelin . This story outlines thier coming of age and introduces them to some interesting situations.

In The Spa we continue to explore Milly's journey and her relationships with pelin and Sam.  

Curiosa was devised on a trip to an old industrial estate hidden in the depths of the English Countryside. It links nicely with the other books in this series.

This series will continue to expand in 2024

Childhood sweethearts Elaine and David have been together since their school days.

Now married, they have spent their entire lives being faithful to each other. Both have become successful accountants, and in the weeks before Elaine's 50th birthday, David is eager to source an unconventional present for his wife.

Luckily one of his clients is the organiser of an alternative adult society and offers David the opportunity to arrange some less-than-vanilla options for her birthday celebration.

Initially nervous, the resulting escapades rock their sexual world as they are self-seduced into an escalation of sensual experiences they would never have considered.

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Milly is an ‘A’ grade student with a burning desire to help people. Her uncomplicated life is shattered when a similar student arrives for her final year at university.

One evening they discover they have more in common than an appetite for academic studies. So they spend the remainder of the year exploring each other and playing as hard as they study.

As their passion and desire grow, they gradually push their boundaries beyond each other and become involved with some unlikely characters.

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Milly and Pelin were ‘A’ grade students at University. They leave with a sealed and mysterious letter.

Inseparable at University, they go separate ways to gain some life experience.

This story centres around Milly and her sexual adventures at the Spa.

Mature Lust, a young stud, group sex, and further lesbian adventures await our shy heroine.

This story centres around an exclusive seven-star spa hotel hidden in the countryside, and we slowly learn of its dark sexual secrets.

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One morning, a cancelled train grants Anna some free time to investigate the mysterious alleyway she has contemplated exploring for many years. After fighting through the tangled, overgrown vegetation, she arrives triumphantly at the far end of the passageway, whereupon she finds an old abandoned industrial estate.

Ignoring the large 'Proceed with Caution' and 'Keep Out' signs, what she discovers at the end of the industrial estate teaches her more about herself than the old brick warehouses that initially tempted her to explore the site.

A chance encounter drags her into a world filled with mystery and desire.

In particular, one large building at the very extreme of the site piques her interest. The encounters awaiting within the old, unkempt exterior will transform her gauche life.

As she becomes increasingly captivated by the mysterious occupiers within, a series of hedonistic adventures drag Anna deeper into this covert fantasy world.

As this treasure trove unravels, the mysterious clique hidden within entice Anna to engage in a lifestyle she would never have previously considered.

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Three from Four

The story of two couples and four weekends.

One evening, during a girls-only weekend, best friends Joanne and Helen confess their carnal desires. As the evening progresses, they cement a pact and commit to acting on these darkest passions.

Shortly after, Joanne is in an ideal situation to act first. Her actions late one night initiate a chain reaction that draws their husbands into their pact.

At a summit, the two couples commit to four weekends away to explore a new dimension within their relationships. The twist: One of the four will stay home, forcing the remaining three to experience a new dynamic.

The rules: A single text can be sent to your partner to confirm you have arrived safely, and the details of each trip must remain a secret until all four weekends have concluded.


Instigation is a short prequel that introduces our two couples and sets the scene that will lead to four adult weekends for our two couples.

John and Geoff will learn about their wives deepest desires.

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Confirmation is the second prequel and commits the two couples to their goal of four adult weekend experiences.

John and Geoff, travel to treat Helen to an evening of passion.

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Act 1 is the first weekend away for our two couples. Geoff and Helen travel with Joanne for their first adventure.

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Act 2 continues the story as John and Joanne take Geoff away for the second weekend of exploration.

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Act 3

Act 3 - is due for release in the Spring of 2024

Well, having said that, The accountants - Part 2 jumped into my head and so this will be put back until the Summer!  

Act 4

Act 4 - is due for release in the Summer of 2024

Well, having said that, The accountants - Part 2 jumped into my head and so this will be put back until the Autumn!  


Casual romantic or sexual activity.


We shouldn't be afraid to embrace whimsy, that nagging idea that life could be magical; it could be special if we were only willing to take a few risks - Donald Miller


Filled with or showing sexual desire.


Erotica. is (in a broad sense) literature or art that deals substantively with subject matter that is erotic, sexually stimulating or sexually arousing but (in a strict sense) is not generally considered to be pornographic. 

Erotic art may use any artistic form to depict erotic content, including painting, sculpture, drama, film or music. Erotic literature and erotic photography have become genres in their own right.